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About Jil

Hello, I am Adrianna, known to my friends and customers as "Jil."  Yes, with one "l."
Welcome to The Ruffled Rose! 
It amazes me how long I have loved PINK.....I have always thought of myself as more of a blue girl, but I will come across something from the past and it will be PINK not blue.  I have loved roses long before they became all the rage....our home has always had beautiful roses in the upholstery, pillows, etc. and bouquets of roses often thru the year and roses in the garden.
It was a natural progression from creating in the Country style to start creating things Shabby and Cottage in the pretty soft pinks with, of course, roses.....you will find from me sachets, pillows, bags, angels, pretty towels, and many more delightful items to romance your Cottage.  I never know what I will be moved to create!
Having a deep love for all things vintage, you will find vintage offerings and new offerings with vintage adornments......I love to go on the hunt to find items I can spark new life into.
Marian Elizabeth and I are two friends that met online and decided to try this venture together.....
My items have "Adrianna" on the pictures and my things will come to you from Michigan.
Marian Elizabeth's items will come to you from Oregon.....
We invite you to  add your name to the guest book and sign up for our mailings of newly added items....Don't forget to add us to your bookmarks and favorites, too!
We are always here for you, if you have questions about any of our items or...if you have a wish for us to make you something special.....just drop us a note in "Contact."
Wishing you all a happy day....

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